We aren't talking about the "Just OKay" sort of OKAy...

We all know how it is. We have those days (sometimes it seems like every day) where we are stressed out, worn out, beaten down, can’t get ahead, etc. And a lot of us know that those days add up, and wear us down even more.

Part of the problem is that we aren’t talking time to reach for the heart of the issue, which is that there are certain things that we NEED out of our day, from ourselves and from others, in order to feel OKAY. OKAY with ourselves. OKAY with our families. OKAY with our friends. Just generally OKAY with our lives. And if you’ve ever experienced that OKAY-ness, then you know that it is just total bliss.

So let’s take the first step. Grab a pen and a cup of coffee and follow the (very simple) instructions below!

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Following this exercise, keep an eye out in your inbox for an email from us containing your responses to the questions above. Print them out and pin them to your bedroom wall or bulletin board and start making these a reality for yourself! Better yet, sit down with a significant other, sibling, friend, parent, etc., and share your responses with them to get feedback and advice on how exactly you can start implementing these things into your wild, beautiful lives!

So, let’s stop talking and GET DOING!