My husband and I didn’t “move out” of our parents homes before we married each other, we went from having our own bedrooms as teenagers, to renting a small apartment together, to moving into my parents’s tiny garage apartment.  We have never known a home larger than 200 sq feet in our adult married lives.

Though this adventure we are about to share with you, may come as a shock, it really won’t be that much of a life changing plan for us.  Living minimally has always been on my heart, and my husband, Adam, is up for any adventure we dream up. 

Before I announce the news, let me go back a few months so I can catch you up.  

This whole idea started when Adam was up late researching his future in the medical field.  Googling where nurses and doctors are needed most, wanted most, and of course where we could move and make a home. 

Though he found multiple places that were promising, one in particular stood out to him.  The next morning (he waited until I was awake, such a good husband!) he approached me with the idea of moving to a city in Alaska once he had his degree.  I had no oppositions, I’ve always loved the idea of Alaska, but never really considered moving there.  The next few weeks were a whirlwind of research and excitement.  

I have this bad habit of getting my hopes up LONG before the event happens.  

I hit the brakes on my research when I remembered that Adam wouldn’t have his degree for another 8 years at LEAST.  Also, keeping in mind that the plans we make may not be where we are needed or called to. 

Pictures of the aurora borealis, homesteading, and log cabins in the woods, filled my mind whether I wanted them to or not.  I came across a homesteading blog by a gal who lives in Alaska, telling her readers how she grows a garden in the harsh winter climate, and showing pictures of her modest little home...


I rushed to find Adam and tell him my idea, talking so fast I was surprised he could understand me. “What do you think!? Could we do it??” He hardly skipped a beat “Absolutely, let’s talk to your parents and start researching!” 

And thus we jumped back into the pit of research as our brain child grew and began to form in front of us. 

Though Alaska is a long way in the future, we have decided to take a step towards it and make a big (little) plan. 

Without further suspense, Adam and I are building a Tiny House

Every unique Tiny House has an equally fitting name, bestowed upon it by the creators themselves... We present to you our Nest Haus, our home on wheels.  Our investment in our future.  Being able to travel across country where Adam will finish his studies in Vermont, and then continuing onto Alaska from there.  Living minimally, with nothing but our tiny house, our pup Kenai, and each other (and maybe a Mini Marlow somewhere down the road!).  

We are overjoyed about this project and hope you are too!  Nest Haus is still in the planning stages, and may be for a little while, as we fine tune our dream and make it a reality in the next 4 years, with the help of our talented family and amazing community! 

We wanted to share our project with you, not only to keep you updated and informed on our life, but also to welcome ideas, input, and advice from our community, friends, and family, as we plan this next big (tiny) step in our adventure!

-Carlee and Adam M