They say if you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life.  I’ve had crazy good luck with all of my past employment, and I don’t feel as though I have “worked” very much.  I’ve been waiting for that luck to run out…

I don’t remember many days where I sat in bed and groaned because I didn’t want to go to work, or because I dreaded my coworkers, or whatever excuse. I thought for sure my luck would run out and I would get a job as a waitress or barista (seriously, have you SEEN how hard they work??) instead of my cushy retail past. 

In the beginning of 2018 I was unemployed and full of motivation… after two weeks of picking apart my resumé until I was halfway pleased with it, I printed out seven copies and planned the businesses I would stop by in the morning.  I never got the chance.  Later that same evening, with all of my resumés freshly printed and stapled, I received a message from my friend's dad, asking if I was still looking for a job because coincidentally, he was hiring. 

Before I get any deeper into that story, I want to share how I got all of my previous jobs, it’s entertaining, don’t worry, you won’t get bored.  If anything, I hope to inspire you.  You truly NEVER know who your next boss is going to be, meaning wearing your sweatpants with the bedazzled “SEXY” over the butt to the grocery store… may not be your winning idea. 

First job I ever had was sweeping the floor and doing my homework in the back of my parents gallery, Alpine Originals. After a year or so, when I had proven myself a responsible 15 year old, I began running the shop full time. Managing 100+ artists, inventory, media, etc.  I was in love.  I adored my job, my coworkers (love you Mom!), and my artists.  I was making connections and I wouldn’t trade that job for anything.  We closed the store in 2016, and I was terrified of my future employment… I would have to go get a “real” job, where my parents weren't my boss, I would have to make a resume, and have an interview and… *cue internal screaming*. 

I put my big girl panties on and set out, determined to get a job on my own, and to not have people think Alpine Originals wasn’t actually a job just because I worked for my mom.  I was ready to prove myself.  I got an interview with the manager of the retail store at the Mt. Shasta ski park. I showed up 20 minutes early, in typical Carlee fashion.  I walked through the doors, my nerves ready to pull my heart out of my chest, and was met with a familiar face.  The most chill, kind, encouraging, and adventurous person I’d ever met, Tristan.  Tristan is a mutual friend of my childhood best friend, Taylor.  We had met a few times, always on good terms and always polite. I was relieved to see a familiar face, we recognized each other right away, and she eased the tension by admitting this was the first time she ever gave an interview. I got the job and spent the winter season fitting helmets, folding shirts, getting caught in snowstorms, making friends, and consuming far too much hot cocoa. 

Since ski park is a seasonal job, it wasn’t long before I was unemployed again. Adam was deployed at the time, so my time was entirely my own.  I decided to take a break from the retail grind and volunteered at Choices Mt. Shasta, a crisis center for women and mothers in need.  Within a day, I was at home.  My heart had never felt so at peace, so needed, and so welcomed by complete strangers.  Again, its a small town, and I knew a few of the other volunteers, which made it seem all the more homey. 

Around that time, my parents began their second season of work with Fire Dawg, driving clerical office trailers to fire camps all along the west coast.  They were gone for most of the summer and into fall, it was busy work.  I knew I would get extremely lonely with them gone all the time, so I started my job search once again.  And once again, I didn’t have to look very far, my parents told their boss that I was looking for a job, and after a quick chat, I had a job.  The months that followed were a whirlwind of intense hours, living situations, beautiful locations, terrible food, and everlasting memories.  I didn’t know any of my coworkers, I didn’t know what fire camp we would be on next or for how long, but it was exciting and SO rewarding.  I was on adventures all the time.  Total I was probably only home for a week from June-September last year, it was epic.  Once again, it was a seasonal job, plus Adam was coming home from deployment soon, so I quit and launched into full on homemaker mode.  Finishing projects, fixing up the house, and adding little touches to make it so special when Adam came back. 

From the time he got home until February of this year, I was unemployed.  About six months of being “just” a wife and homemaker, I absolutely loved it.  Having dinner on the table, having a clean house, going on random spur of the moment adventures, traveling across country, I soaked it all in.  But, money is the key to survival (so they tell me), and getting a job was quickly back on my priority list. 

I prayed and prayed for the PERFECT job.  One that would give me time to be home enough to still create a welcoming atmosphere and entertain friends.  One that I could really sink my teeth into and share my passions and talents.  One that would advance my career and help beef up my resume so I could get a job in Vermont (far in the future, but still on my mind).  One that I could stand behind and believe in.  But most of all, a job that I would love.  I thought for sure God had a headache from the impossible task I was asking of him.  He delivered all the same.  

Adam started nursing school within a week of me getting my new job, it was incredible timing. It was God’s timing.  I started work at Health Quest Physical Therapy as their office manager in February, I absolutely love it, it’s technical, tedious, detail oriented and I get to let all of my OCD out. I was a little too organized and found myself with less hours than I expected, so I considered a second job, within a week I was contacted by Terina and offered a second job at One Heart Collective.  I wanted to scream.  Here I was, with two incredible jobs, that embody (I’m not kidding here guys) EVERYTHING I had prayed for.  I love my jobs, when I’m not at them I miss them, I miss the coworkers and the stacks of new paperwork to finish, the product that needs to be displayed and entered, I love it all. 

Moral of this (longer than I expected) story, is that you never know who your next boss will be.  Odd are you have probably already met them. Make sure your first impressions are lasting impressions and leave people thinking about you when they need a reliable and hard working person.  I won’t leave the house in pjs or slippers, because I don’t know who I will see while I’m out, and I never want people to remember me by the words bedazzled across my backside.  I want them to remember me because I smiled, gave a strong handshake, and spoke my thoughts clearly. It’s the little things, guys.  Be encouraged, God hears those prayers, he knows the desires of your heart.  You could very well be on the path to the job of your dreams. Have faith, have patience, have hope.