A few weeks ago I shared a phone call with friend that I don’t get to connect with often.  We skipped the small talk and dove headfirst into tough problems and situations that we found ourselves in.  Encouraging, listening, caring, and praying for each other as the conversation grew closer to an hour.  As the pause between our words grew longer, and the call neared an end, we allowed God to steer the conversation one last time before we said goodbye. 

For another ten minutes we shared our joys and appreciations about our spouses.  Our husbands who hold us together in more ways than one.  Realizing that they are speaking truth when they say we are beautiful, loved, and appreciated.  When we spiral into self doubt and self depreciation, our spouse reaches us and whispers (or shouts, depending on the situation) words of honesty and sincerity. 

They are speaking the heart of Jesus, the love He has for us is shown through our spouse. Who are we to brush them off with “oh, you have to love me, it’s your job.” or “you only say I’m beautiful because you can’t say I’m ugly..” why do we diminish the sincerity of their hearts!? 

After saying our goodbyes, I went inside to curl up next to my husband and shower him in praise and appreciation, to thank him for his honesty and his steadfastness in our relationship, and for always being patient with me. I had a refreshed and renewed appreciation for him. He knew I had just finished talking to my friend and smiled, knowing that we had been encouraging each other for a good hour. 

Different friends bring out different sides of you.  I CRAVE the friendships that make me want to run home to my husband and overwhelm him with love and affection.  The friendships that remind me how precious marriage is, that don’t make my husband the “bad guy”, that don’t only talk about fights and arguments, but the ones that join in praises and never let it be a competition but rather a mutual sharing of how full our hearts are for our spouse. 


Those are my lens cleaners. 


My friends who, with gentleness and grace, help me see the spots and specks on my glasses, and then cheer and dance as I see clearly again.  The ones who notice bad habits and encourage against them, who know your heart and the words to say to turn your eyes back to Jesus, back to love and grace.  The positive people who fill you up with a renewed sense of self. 

I wanted to thank my lens cleaners.  When my sight gets foggy and distorted, and I start to see things that aren't there, believing things that aren't real, and acting in ways that aren't really me, you clean me up with truth and honesty, and you celebrate when my sight returns.  Thank you Lindsey B, Heather C, Chelsea J, Laurel B, and Aubrey B. 

-Carlee M