Oh the incredible joy I felt in the first moment that Isaac, our maybe three month old baby boy at the time, was able to interact with our energetic and keen dog, Misty. I remember laying on the bed between them, laughing with Isaac as Misty kissed my face and then his, resulting in the most precious baby giggles. You know, the kind that turn the manliest of men into mush. 

I remember getting up, and watching them continue to play, thinking that this was the perfect picture of family. Until seconds later when Isaac grabbed her unexpectedly and she yipped and nipped at his face. Leaving a mark, for the love of God! Immediately, in true new mother fashion, I began to question whether or not this relationship between our two young ones would ever work?!

Isaac got coddled and fussed over, and Misty got vehemently yelled at. No longer the perfect picture of family…

However, their story didn’t end there (although, my mama bear instincts were seriously considering removing the dog from the equation. Because if it comes to choosing between my baby’s safety and the dog, well, the baby always wins). They’ve both come a long ways since then, in many ways. The day that Isaac could throw her tennis ball for her was likely Misty’s BEST DAY EVER. Because she LOVES (or lives) to fetch her tennis ball. Always has and always will. Anyone who will throw the ball for her is her best friend. Which means 1) she’s gained and lost a lot of best friends, because a person can only throw the ball for so long before being DONE. And 2) Isaac is currently her best of best friends, because he’s always willing and wanting to throw her ball for her…Or more so, AT her.


Remember when I said they’ve come a long ways? Now nearing a year and half, Isaac especially has grown in the way of his physical abilities, and in his proclivity for hitting things—namely Misty. Probably because unlike the rest of us, she can’t talk. So she can’t tell him not to hit her. And Misty has come a long ways in the realm of patience toward him, no longer nipping at him when he does something that bothers her. Bless her soul, because that happens a lot.

While there’s many moments of Isaac chasing Misty, with her bone in his hand, held in a club-like manner and ready to use as such, there’s also MANY moments of the two of them giggling and snuggling together in her dog bed, like best friends at a sleep over. Many moments of kisses and licks exchanged. Many moments of Isaac caringly sharing his food with her, or Misty uncomplainingly sharing her food with him (both are much to my dismay). What can I say? They care for each other.

That’s the nature of their relationship. Unabashed care. Actually there’s definitely some bashing from Isaac and his wooden toy hammer…But you get the picture!

Regardless of the violence (for lack of a better word, there’s a lot that I learn from these crazy two and their crazy interactions. Lessons (I accidentally first typed lesions, which I think is rather coincidental…) that I can’t wait to share with you!

But for now, stay tuned and send up some prayers for me, as I chase these two around the house and keep them from hurting themselves or each other. And for Misty, as she continues to endure the wrath of Isaac.

Gosh, she really loves the tennis ball and his food…