If you are a fellow introvert, chances are you may need a self care day after prolonged exposure to the general public.  Here’s a few of my favorite ways to rest and recharge when my battery is running on empty. 

1.  Warm drinks

Tea. Coffee. Cocoa. Spiced Cider. Whatever your preference is, heat up your favorite flavored liquid and enjoy it throughout the day.  May your cup never go empty or lukewarm. 

2.  Comfy spaces

I have a nest chair that I enjoy long snuggles in.  Perhaps your comfy space is wrapped burrito style in a blanket on the couch, or sitting on the porch in the sunshine.  Wherever it be, spend some time there today. 

3.  Favorite music

My musical flavor varies greatly, most self care days it’s either classic rock or a blend of Owl City and Maroon 5… turn up your favorite songs and let that be the background soundtrack for your self care day. 

4.  Binge tv

On days when I need desperately to refresh and recoup, I like to re-watch my favorite shows. Instead of asserting more brain power to open my heart and be vulnerable to a new TV show, I stick with the familiar and watch episodes of Friends for the 13th time. 

5.  Nature and sunshine

Unless it’s gloomy outside, try to get some sunshine.  Another one of my favorite places is the back of my Subaru.  Reading whilst snuggled in the emergency blanket, normally with a few cats jumping in the check on me.  PURRFECT.  Which leads me to my next point...

6.  Pet snuggles

Do you have a dog? Cat? Python? Pay some special attention to your pets and snuggle in for a good nap with your fluffy buddies.  

7.  Spa

Most of my self care days morph into an at home spa day.  Complete with homemade face masks, hair masks, and regular self maintenance things like doing my nails and plucking my eyebrows.  Light some candles, defuse essential oils, and channel your inner hippie. 

The goal is, that by the end of the day, you not only feel relaxed, but also refreshed and ready to conquer another week of social interaction and uncomfortable situations.  But don’t think about tomorrow, for now put the kettle on and blast Michael Jackson… I’ll be right there with you.  In spirit, of course, we are introverts after all.