I’m in no way a fashionista, I just wear what makes me feel good.  With 5+ years retail experience, I’ve learned a few key (lazy girl) tips on how to dress professionally without showing up in heels and a pantsuit each day. 

1.  Wear a watch

No one wants to see you checking your phone every few minutes during the meeting, or even during a conversation, to make sure you’re not running late.  Invest in a stylish and classy watch so you can check time without checking a screen.

2.  Ditch the yoga’s

I know, they bring the comfort of home to your workspace, but yoga pants should always be left at home.  You are there to do work, be productive, and achieve something.  Yoga pants say that you put in minimal effort, which isn’t something you want to be known for. 

3. Fitted clothes 

We all have those shirts that we keep because they are comfy, worn in, and fun… but they have lived past their usefulness.  The shoulder seem is halfway down your arm, the shirt lifts with your arms when you reach for high objects, and the fabric is fading or pilled in the front? Yeah, that one. It’s time to toss it.  To me, good quality clothes that fit me well actually empower me.  I leave the house with my head high, knowing I don’t look like I shopped at the Goodwill free bin.

4. Paint your nails. 

This is optional and certainly something I rarely did until recently.  Maybe it’s because I’ve always been insecure about my fingernails, but when I dawn a daring color, or even just a light shimmer coat, I feel like the fanciest person ever and therefor, ready to conquer my work day. 

5. Smile. 

This should be a given.  Professionalism in any career requires you to be personable and kind to others.  Smiling not only helps you cheer up and get through the toughest of work days, but it also helps out those around you, smiles are contagious! 

While there's dozens of other ways to amp up your professional game, these are a few that could be done at any workplace. Whether you are the CEO of a major company, or washing dishes at a local restaurant, striving to remain professional has always been a respected practice and will get you far in life.