I want to be an encourager.  If I were to describe myself… I would wish to be a peaceful and bright presence to others.  If I were to describe my perfect day, amongst the copious amounts of tea being consumed and Owl City being serenaded through my house speakers… I would be baking.  I freaking adore baking.  Why? Because it brings people so much joy.  

Baked goods are joy in physical form.  Have you ever been sad whilst eating a cinnamon roll? Didn’t think so. 

So, on a perfect day, you’ll find me baking a pie or cookies, packaging them carefully in my handcrafted wooden pie and cookie boxes, and cruising in my classic car to my friends houses to deliver some literal joy. 

People praise me for this.  They love it.  But I can assure you, I get so much more out of these deliveries than they do.  I get to serve them.  Bring them some happiness and let them know I’m thinking of them, so much so that I put my heart and prayers into something they can enjoy.  Bonus points if the baked good actually turns out decent and they have a nice dessert instead of a berry pie with obligation filling… meaning you have to like it. 

I’ve learned that this “gift” is actually a passion given from God.  When Chelsea and I were baking and delivering our weekly sugar cookies to friends, we would try our best to be open minded and open hearted, if we stopped at a house and no one was home, God would lead us a different direction and bring us to a friend that would break down into tears because someone thought of them enough to bring them goodies and a smile.  

Whatever you are good at, be it art, cooking, baking, knitting, sewing, stacking rocks, or applying makeup… take a minute to see how your passions and talents could bless others.  How could your art form bring joy to someone else?