My happy exists outside, in nature.  Like many people, I appreciate the outdoors and love adventuring and exploring.  I wasn’t in any sports growing up but I knew I loved hiking, driving back roads, swimming in cliff lakes, and star gazing.  I knew early on that I liked being outside, but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered my happy is outside. 

Where’s your happy? Your happy could be anything! A person, a location, a season, a smell, a memory, a situation, even a pet! Everyone’s happy is different, I think it is so vital to figure out where your happy thrives and try your best to visit that place as often as possible in order to be the most positive version of yourself. Leave a comment telling me about your “happy place” I’d love to hear about it. 

I try to get outside and do an activity at LEAST once a week. You may be thinking… once a week isn’t that much, Carlee.  You’d be correct.  My current job has me working nights, so I’ve been sleeping during the day and not having much free time for nature.  A week went by where I honestly didn’t see sunlight and I was starting to get grouchy and pretty down. I realized that I needed nature! I needed to visit the great outdoors. So I sacrificed some precious sleep time for some fresh air, sunshine, and breathtaking views.  I returned to work that night refreshed and energized, I was joyful and ready to take on any task. 

Knowing where your happy exists is so much more important than I ever thought. Being able to recognize that you haven't been feeling yourself lately and think of a place, person, or thing that makes you feel joy... and then seeking it out! 

Discover where your happiness exists.  Schedule time for your happy. Watch the positivity grow.