It’s funny how my friends chose me to guest post this month, the month dedicated to mothers, and I am one of the only women in our group of friends who does not have a mini-me.  My husband is deployed and besides that we aren’t planning on having kids for a few more years.  I’m simply not there yet, but I’m learning so much from them.

First friend in the circle to get pregnant was Chelsea!  My sweet childhood friend. The most organized mom I know.  I was inspired by her and (unbeknownst to her) I watched her very closely during her pregnancy. I was fascinated by her, inspired by her, and in awe of her transformation.  I was blessed to live nearby and see her often.  A living, breathing, human child, was growing inside of her and all I could think was “that’s FREAKING COOL!!” I joined her as she researched homemade baby food to make and freeze. I watched as she sewed cloth diapers, clothes, and reusable wipes.  Her love for the child inside of her made my heart swell, she was so caring and so observant to the needs of this unborn baby.  Her instincts kicked in, though I’m sure she had her moments that were overwhelming, she was taking care of herself, her home, her husband, and as prepared as she could be for little Olivia to enter her arms. 

Also, she’s a badass.  After birth, she showed me a video her brother took of her screams and cries during birth.  That both terrified and inspired me.  She was proud of it and after all that, she noted “it wasn’t THAT bad”. 

Next welcoming a baby was Heather! A few months after Olivia was born, Heather had a little one growing inside of her.  The same instincts and natural mommy hood kicked in as H began nesting and prepping for her little one.  I saw two sisters come together and bond over a brand new experience, both fresh to parenthood, both beautiful mothers ready to welcome little family members.  I saw a husband and wife transform into a mother and father, their love for each other now in physical form as they held their baby boy, Isaac!

In this year span, yet another one of my friends became pregnant and started the process of welcoming her child to this world.  She had a healthy pregnancy but her birth was more complicated, God brought her through it and is still making her stronger from it.  I saw the flip side. I saw fear. I saw waiting. I saw pain. Quickly followed by uncontainable joy, love, and thankfulness.  Her little one was born premature.  After spending weeks and weeks alone in a hospital, which was over an hour away from her husband, family, and comfort of home, Laurel persevered and conquered all odds to deliver little Irene into their family. 


I’m not there yet, but these women inspire me everyday.  I learn from them and I am blessed to be their friend through it. The miracle of birth is not lost on me.  I pray that these strong, wise, and incredibly caring moms rub off on me.  I want to be like them.  I pray that their children will always know how blessed they are to have women to care, love, and guide them, as Laurel, Chelsea, and Heather do.