This week, we want to do something special. We want to introduce you to the lovely, inspiring, Carlee Marlow. So grab a cup of tea or finely brewed espresso, and prepare yourself for your first taste of this wildly beautiful lady!

And don't be surprised when you realize that her posts are going to be infinitely superior to anything you've read so's just a fact.

I am a firm believer that life could always use more exclamation points!!!! A purring cat solves many of lives problems, and a secure hug from my husband solves the rest (when husband is away, some good ol’ Ben and Jerry’s does the trick too!)

I want you to feel like you are right here with me, so here’s the scene. Bollywood is softly playing in the background. I’m sitting in my nest (a large, oval, fluffy chair that my husband affectionately named my “nest”), glancing at the Dr. Seuss paintings on my walls, sipping some Egg Nog, and mentally preparing myself to be vulnerable and emotionally open up to you. A complete stranger. Fill your designated Egg Nog cup, grab a nearby fuzzy blanket, and settle in for a good story.

I am blessed to say that I never really struggled with self worth or beauty. I was homeschooled therefor I obviously wasn’t exposed to the public (KIDDING!) I do attribute some of my personal steadiness to lack of public schooling influences. I never needed to go school clothes shopping to fit in, the pressure to date was nonexistent thanks to my dad, and I was never looked at sideways by the popular kids.

My mom and I have a great relationship, we are very open and honest with each other, I’ve never felt like I needed to hide anything from her. She is my best friend and has never let me believe that I was unworthy or otherwise unlovable.


Because of many factors I grew up believing I was beautiful, I knew where I drew my self worth and I was very confident in myself. But I was a yellow fish in a blue fish world. All of my friends wore makeup to cover their self proclaimed “flaws” and had to be dating someone in order to feel they had a purpose. Newest clothes, phones, cars. I was the odd one.

I’m now 20 years old, happily married, living in my parents garage, driving an old Subaru, and living MY dream. I’m happy. Truly happy. Contentment is a huge part of who I am, I do not take credit for that and I’m certainly not bragging, God held me from worldly views long enough for me to find my worth in Him and hold fast when the rough reality hits that sadly, most women do not find themselves beautiful.

Now that I’m older, there’s a new set of struggles. Such as, the world saying that I need to have dinner ready for my husband every night when he comes home from work… HA! Ask my husband how many times that has happened, I bet he could count it on two hands. I’m NOT perfect. I’m NOT normal. But I am Wildly Beautiful and I know who holds me life on track!

8 Exclamation marks were used in the making of this post.

2 Purring cats graced my lap.

1 cup of Egg Nog was consumed (due to lack of Ben and Jerry’s)

-Carlee Anne Marlow