Only recently have I realized how important having a designated workspace is.  A YouTuber that I regularly watch, iiSuperwomanii, is an incredibly hard worker and has shared her tips on getting stuff done, and done well.  

The tip that hit home for me, was to stop doing work on your laptop… whilst sitting in your bed. We all do it.  Guilty.  Last year, my bed was all I had.  I didn’t really have a different “space” that I could go to in order to create and work.  I sat in my bed for everything.  My bed was my couch, dinner table, desk, and creative space.  It was horrible.  After a few weeks I had a hard time sleeping and focusing when I wanted to go to bed. 

My mind was confused.  Was it time to eat? Read? Work? Create? Sleep? The bed was my everything.  After remodeling my home, adding an upstairs, and really focusing on sectioning things out, I now have a space for everything and everything (most days) stays in it’s place. 

When I want to read, I have a nook under my staircase. 

When I want to watch movies, I have a love seat by the TV. 

When I want to eat, I have a bar with chairs by the kitchen. 

When I want to create, I have a chair by the window. 

When I want to work, I have a desk. 

When I want to sleep, I have my bed. 

Creating sections, mental spaces, for each thing is really healthy and solves so many problems.  I’ve found that when I am feeling creative and I sit in that chair by the window, the creative juices flow better, because my mind has been trained that we do most of our projects in that space. 

There’s a flip side though, like most areas in life, routine can become stale.  When this happens, swap two areas.  Create at your desk and do work in your chair.  Choose two spaces and swap their purposes for a week or so, you’ll find the fresh view will reenergize you.  At that point, it's only a matter of being intentional with where you practice, making a bit more effort to ensure your home and mind are sectioned out the same way. 

This really helped me when I was struggling with feeling very disorganized and confused, nothing had purpose.  Now, my mind knows when it’s time to create, work, study, relax, etc.  It’s been a great system for me, hope this helps you create a better workspace for your mental flow.