I needed a wedding gift, I mentally toured the stores downtown in my mind, I visited the couple's registry, and I still had no clue what to get them.  I took to Facebook, scrolling through my friends and remembering the art and products that they create.  After a quick message exchange, I was in a local coffee shop purchasing handmade wine glasses and wooden spoons from my good friend. It felt good to write her a check, knowing it wasn't some big corporation being paid, but a hardworking and artistic community member.

There’s a very slim chance that NONE of your Facebook friends have an at home business, such as Beachbody, Lularoe, 31 gifts, ItWorks, Plexus, Essential Oils, Photography, Baking, Housecleaning, Lawn care, etc.  In the past few years, owning your own business and being your own boss has looked attractive to more and more people.  Which makes sense!

But… you may feel it is taking over your newsfeed or that you have a negative response each time you see a product post. 

You may disagree, but here’s my take on it all.  Your friends are trying.  They are trying to succeed. They are putting in work, hustling, pushing, doing research, and becoming passionate about something they believe in.  That alone is truly great!  That being said, I am a firm believer in promoting what you love instead of bashing what you hate. 

Your friends are promoting a product or service that they believe in, something that they support.  They are trying to share that with others, whilst also being able to work from home.  It’s truly a win/win. 

Next time you see your friend hosting a Jamboree party, inviting you to see the new 31 purses, or posting their progress pics with their newest Beachbody workout… don’t hate.  They are promoting what they LOVE, whether you support the product or not, they are working hard and making ends meet. 

Promote what you love > bash what you hate. 

Likewise, when your friends message, invite, and post to you about their recent accomplishments and exciting opportunities, give them a chance. Try it out.  Support them.  In any way that you can, whether that be purchasing their product, giving their info to interested friends, saying you’re proud of them, or simply thinking of them next time you are gift shopping.  Promote what you love = Promote WHO you love.

You love your friends (at least, we hope you do) so support them! Ask them about their work, see how it’s going for them, encourage them, share their work, and remember that if they believe in it, it’s most likely not some sort of scam.  They are working.  This is a job to them.  

About 75% of my Facebook friends own their own business or work from home. 
Another one of my friends used to own a coffee shop downtown… when I wanted coffee, guess where I went? Correct, I went to my friends.  Not just because I wanted to support them, but also because they had epic coffee skills.  If they had crap coffee… I wouldn’t go there. 

When I need gifts, I remember my friends and what they offer.  To me, that’s much more special than buying gifts from Amazon.  Amazon is not my neighbor, my best friend, or my family.  I'm friends with magicians, cooks, musicians, artists, bakers, fitness coaches, entrepreneurs, and writers, I'm sure you are too! 

Give it a shot, try something new, promote love.