In honor of spring cleaning, and everything organizational, I’d like to give a toast…

“Cheers to the power of a rag, some cleaner, and little creativity and strength, to transform my house into a whole new abode! Without you, I would surely have burned this whole place down by now.”

My restless nature has been telling me that my family needs to move. Not to a different town or anything, just to a different house. I’ve been getting tired of sitting in the same house, looking at the same things, feeling like I have ZERO room to breathe.

I live in a one-bedroom duplex, with a pretty large living room, a decent kitchen, a laundry room and single bathroom. It only has a shower. No tub. Which means no long, relaxing, candle-lit soaking sessions. Yeah, we need to move…Settle down self. No we don’t.

Old-fashioned cute as it is, my little house often feels more like a storage unit than a home. Especially since having Isaac. The baby belongings accumulate rather quickly, and I’ve simply ran out of space to store it all. Or I haven’t been utilizing the space as effectively as I can. Either way, it’s left me feeling unsettled in the very place I should feel settled.

So this past week I decided to be proactive and starting changing some things around here. It kind of all started when the dowel that hangs our clothes in our closet broke because it was too weighted down. I ended up reorganizing our storage situation for our clothes, which resulted in emptying out an entire cabinet that can now leave our house entirely. Thank you Lord!!! One less item in the house…And a fairly large one at that!

Next, I gazed at our living room. Or “baby/dog/crafting/library/office/entertainment/etc.” central. And I started. It’s not the first time I’ve reorganized our house, and it’s probably not going to be the last either. But I LOVE it again. With the reorganization of our living room and the removal of some no-longer-needed baby items, my house feels like a brand new home, even though it actually isn’t one! It’s open, airy, and breathable. Isaac actually has room to safely crawl around a large portion of the house without knocking his slightly large head on anything. Again, thank the Lord.

If you’re looking to reorganize your house a little, here’s some things that I try to keep in mind, that might help you as well!

  1. If you’re not using it, or if it doesn’t really have any sentimental value to you, it can probably go...Like in the garbage or to someone who will use it. I’ve found this especially true of clothes and baby stuff.

  2. If there’s an empty drawer or storage space, fill that puppy up! Getting excess items out of eyesight does wonders for decluttering.

  3. Aim for openness. For example, in my living room, I have most all of our furniture placed against the walls as opposed to sitting in the middle of the room. Even what would be our coffee table (a trunk used for storing baby blankets) is neatly tucked away to the side to allow for more space in the center of the room. What I have is a functional space for Isaac to crawl around, for Misty (my dog) to chase a ball, and for me to feel like I can breathe in the room.

Honestly, that’s about it. If you need/want help with your own cleaning/organizing endeavors, or want to feel like you have a new home too, don’t hesitate to ask! I can even bring a cute baby to make the tasks more enjoyable ;)