For some us, spring cleaning involves throwing out every bit of excess junk and furniture we have. Basically, wiping the slate clean so that we can just start over for the year or make room for newer and more exciting items. It’s time for that distant thought of a yard sale to become a reality, and to gain back some of the losses we had in purchasing those hardly used appliances or housewares. So that we can...spend more money updating and filling our houses with new stuff?

If you can afford to do that, props to you! Sometimes I wish that I could. But I simply can’t. And yet, my husband and I have utilized some creativity to still bring “new” pieces of furniture into our home without having to spend a ton of money to do so. Maybe that interests you too!

As David and I were nearing our wedding date back at the start of 2015 (Ha, that makes it sound like it was a LONG time ago…*eyes rolling), and we needed to start filling our soon-to-be home with some furniture. We had been offered a small kitchen table that belonged to David’s grandparents before they passed away. At first glance, the table looked a little worn and wasn’t necessarily a color that either of us was interested in. At second glance, the chairs and shape of the table were incredibly cute, and we decided that with a little refinishing they could made to suit us perfectly.

So that’s what we did. We sanded EVERYTHING. Repainted and stained EVERYTHING. We even re-upholstered and padded the seats of the chairs. Voila! We had a “brand new” kitchen table set, at the small cost of the paint and stain, which has since been used on other projects. Sure, it took a little time to complete the project, but it was time that felt intimate and contributed to that set of table and chairs becoming OURS.

I keep my eye out for pieces of furniture or household items that friends are giving away, and recently I stumbled across a comment from a friend, on another friend’s post (kind of confusing) about an old school desk that they were wanting to get rid of. I saw the picture of the desk, and it was love at first sight...

We already had a desk at the time, but soon learned that some other friends of ours were in need of one. So we gave away our old desk (a sentimental piece to David...sorry handsome), and brought home our “new” old one.

Again, we wanted to make it our own. Again, we sanded and stained EVERYTHING. Again, we had a “new” piece of furniture. And again, because of the time spent transforming that desk, it already has sentimentality to it. Not to mention, it’s a solid beast of a work desk--totally inspiring and motivating me in my work goals! And oh, again, at very VERY little monetary cost to us.

I guess the point or suggestion that I’m trying to make is that we don’t always have to buy new things. There’s a lot of quality and FREE items out there that our friends are wanting to rehome. If you want a new couch (my next pursuit) because your old one is chewed to pieces from when your dog was a vivacious puppy (mine is), but feel like you can’t afford it (I can’t..), use your good ole’ Facebook profile to ASK your friends if anyone happens to have one, or know of a good one, that needs a new home (lookout friends! This post is coming!). Chances are, someone has something for you! Something that may not be quite right, but that could, with a little work, be made your own!