You know what I really want to do right now? I just want to share.

I want to share with you the little moments in my life that bring me so much joy and contentment that I can hardly breathe.

This list is by no means all-inclusive, but here are 10 of the little pleasures of my life:

1. My daughter holding my hand. Olivia is at the age where she wants to take mommy everywhere. All day, every day, she is running over to me, reaching up and taking my hand, dragging me to the other side of the house to look out the window. And it is literally the sweetest, most beautiful thing in the entire world.

2. My husband kissing my forehead. I have a lot of days where I am just exhausted and I kind of feel like I just can’t do it anymore. Where I feel alone. But my husband will come over to me as I’m furiously washing dishes at the kitchen sink, turn me around, wrap his arms around me, and ever so gently kiss my on the forehead. And I just breathe out my anxiety and melt in his embrace. And for a second, at least, I am okay once more.

3. Bandon, Oregon. I don’t know what it is about Bandon, but that little town by the sea is a magical world unto itself. When I am there, I feel like I am in another dimension and I don’t have to worry about the daily stresses of life. I can just relax, take in the salty air, and spend the day adventuring with my two most favoritest people, Patrick and Olivia. (I would say more about Bandon, but words just can’t really describe how I feel about that’s just, transcendental, man.)

4. Looking at photos from my wedding. Looking back at the photographs of my wedding day, I pretty much mostly just see how extremely tired I looked. Planning my wedding was not really fun for me. It was stressful. But the reason that looking at those memories brings me joy and peace, is the fact that in the midst of all that stress, I was able to marry my best friend. I was able to start a new chapter in our  journey together and I was solidifying the bond that was already there between us. It reminds me of the timelessness of our relationship, and reminds me that nothing can tear that apart.

5. Phone calls with my sister. So since starting this blog, I’ve called Heather almost every single day. A part of me worries that I am mostly just bothering her, but another part of me doesn’t really care because what it does for me is beyond words. We live four hours apart now, and we’ve just never had that kind of distance between us, especially not for prolonged periods of time. I very much feel an emptiness when she is not here. But being able to have that daily interaction with her completely lifts my spirits and brings me overwhelming encouragement, even when we have hardly anything to say.

6. My daughter’s cheeseball smile. Olivia has been smiling on command for a few months now. Only when  you ask her to smile, she doesn’t give you the picture-perfect, Gerber-worthy smile. No. She squints her eyes completely shut and pushes out the most forced kind of smile, so that you have no other option but to react with laughter and a smile yourself! That little girl brings the world so much joy!

7. Fixing breakfast for my family. I’ve said it before. I love to cook. But more than that, I love to cook for my family. I love planning out healthy and nutritious meals for the ones that I love the most because it’s a really tangible way that I can show my appreciation for them, and my desire to provide them with the best life possible.

8. Hunting in the big forest. Yeaaaaa, I like to hunt (as I get all starry-eyed and daydreamy…). Like I really like to hunt. I did not say, however, that I like to kill things. To me, hunting and killing are two very different things. Hunting means being able to provide the best quality meat to my family and to take part in the cycle of life that God created in a way that He intended. I certainly don’t expect everyone to agree with me here, but that’s just what it is for me.

9. My husband bringing in the wood for me. This seems silly, I realize, and very simple, but it means the world to me when Patrick brings in wood from our shed so that I can keep the fire going while he is away at work (he is an EMT and he works consecutive shifts, so he is often gone for 3 days at a time). Because I get really overwhelmed with all of the other responsibilities around the house, and it becomes way too easy for me to let those fall to the wayside. So this little bit of help that he gives me (among other things that he does to help me out) goes a long way.

10. Waking up to my husband and daughter’s beautiful faces. I can tell you this, as uncomfortable as it is to share a bed with someone at times, I never ever want to wake up alone ever again. Being able to wake up in the morning and hear my daughters happy murmurs and smile into my husband’s face, makes all the difficulties that I may face that day totally and completely worth waking up for.

I’d love to hear about the little pleasures in your life and learn more about what makes you beautiful! Feel free to respond via email at!