Unchangeable facts.

Unlike changeable facts (HA) we all have to deal with unchangeable facts. Those things in life that are here to stay.

Three years ago I was in India, God was opening my eyes to the HUGE world around me. If you had stopped me and asked if I ever saw myself as a military wife, I would have (respectfully) laughed until I cried. “Military wives are strong, courageous, and full of patience. I respect them, but I could NEVER do what they do.” -2013 Carlee who had no idea that God was laughing it up.

I’m an Army wife. My husband is deployed. I sleep alone. I turn my mirror to face me so I can feel like someone else is in the room. I cook for a party of one. I thank God for my incredibly blessed life! I am not strong, courageous, and full of patience… but He is. God knows where I fall short and MAN does He make up for it.

Deployment is my current unchangeable fact. It’s full of things I wish I could change. I WISH I could say with confidence that I totally have this under control. I WISH that I didn’t have to share my husband. I WISH that each time I got a phone call from my husband, the ugly thought "What if this is the last time I talk to him?" wouldn't sneak in and shatter my day. I WISH that I could change those unchangeable facts.

Yet, when I look back on my trip to India three years ago, I had no idea God would bring to where I am now, and bless me in the many ways that He has. Who am I to want to be elsewhere? To want to CHANGE the blessings He has poured onto me. Present day me has no clue what God is going to do in a few years. I just have to trust Him. To know that He isn’t going anywhere and He knows exactly WHY I am where I am. I’m here for a reason, there’s a bigger plan going on, if I’m going to be on this ride, might as well rejoice.

Be encouraged. The unchangeable facts that you are struggling with are future blessings. He knows what He is doing.

I won't apologize for being honest and real with you. I felt like I needed to share this, perhaps someone needed to read it.

- Carlee Marlow

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