We’ve all had them. And for some reason, they each carry a certain kind of weirdness. Like basically you spend an entire summer doing a job that you have literally no intention of EVER doing again. The summer of 2011 was the year that we did just that.

For 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for almost the entire summer, we worked as a traffic control team. Yep, we stood still, held stop signs, and took turns letting one or two cars through at a time as the rest of the crew trimmed and chipped brush (mostly manzanita) along the roadway. We lived in a rural area, so there were long stretches of literally ZERO activity, and it left us a lot of time to our thoughts.

On one particular day (we’re not cool enough to remember the date, or month for that matter), we began a conversation over our radios that would ultimately lead us to the point we are at today. Both of us had completed our freshman year of college and had returned home for the summer. Chelsea was recovering from her second bout of anorexia, and the conversation took a turn toward our struggles with feeling insecure about our appearances, and what we could do to help each other through that. The idea popped into our heads that up to that time, we had done an awful lot of thinking about ourselves and it had created this really unhealthy sense of competition between the two of us. We realized that if we shifted the focus away from ourselves and toward helping others, then we might just begin to find healing.

The  more we talked, the clearer our vision became. We dreamed of a ranch that would serve as a place of rest and healing for people struggling with insecurities, obsessions, addictions, etc. These people would come alongside us to run the ranch and care for the land, while we encouraged them in learning new skills and gaining a sense of pride in who they are. We walked away from that conversation feeling renewed and reinvigorated. We had a purpose.

We wish we could say that we devoted ourselves to that purpose from that day on, but as you can probably guess from our individual stories, that was not the case. We continued to struggle with our identities and our self-worth, and in a lot of ways still do to this day. We let life happen, as it does, and let other goals and responsibilities get in the way. And we’re not saying this is a bad thing. God makes everything beautiful in it’s time. It just happened that that wasn’t the time. Instead, the time is now.

Wild, Wild Beauty is the first step to our realizing the vision for our ranch one day. This is where it all begins for us. We have big dreams for this project, and have equally big faith that those dreams will come to fruition. God is doing something really amazing here and we are so excited to continue moving forward in this journey of choosing to see the wild, wild beauty in our hearts and letting that be our motivation and inspiration to fulfill the vision that God has called us to: a vision of prosperity and vitality.

We are so excited to begin sharing even more of this vision with you as we continue rolling out new elements of our website and blog! Specifically, we cannot wait for you to begin subscribing to our weekly emails, in which we will share our hearts and souls with you to nourish YOUR wild, wild beauty, in all its aspects: body, mind, heart, and home. We realize that this vision is not just about the dreams that we have for ourselves, it’s about your vision too. The two of us truly believe that each human being is so amazingly and wildly beautiful, and that once we begin to see that we unlock a hidden potential - the potential to find and fulfill our God-given purpose.

Our bodies, minds, hearts, and homes are precious elements of what makes us uniquely beautiful, inside and out, and we want to help you do everything in our (and your) power to nourish them. Through our website and Facebook page, we will continue to share our stories as they unfold and bring you encouragement where we see it. We want to come alongside you in your own journey as you come alongside us in ours.

You’ve heard a little bit about our vision for a ranch, and our vision for this website. Now we want to focus on our individual visions for ourselves and our families, because those are an important part of making these other dreams come true. So to kick things off and get you thinking about your own dreams, we’d like to share our personal visions with you!

Chelsea Johnson

I am a country girl through and through. More than that, I desire with every part of my being to be self-sufficient, living off the land, feeding my family nothing but organically grown fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. that I produced with my own two hands. Is this reality for me? No. But I believe that someday it could be.

What’s my vision for my family? Here it is: It’s 6 am in the morning and the sun has just broke over the horizon. I’m sitting on the front porch of my 1,200 square foot log cabin endeavor home (I don’t have the time, energy, or money to design my own house…) sipping my hot cup of coffee and milk. My husband and two daughters (at least) are still fast asleep, yet ready to wake any moment. Our five acre homestead is already bustling with the sounds of the crowing rooster and his harem, the one dairy cow and two pigs anxiously awaiting their mornings feasts, and of course, the chirping of the birds as they flitter through the pine trees. The crisp, cold morning air just smells right.

We’ve got a full day ahead of us: tending to the “farm”, enjoying our family morning jog (I can feel my husband rolling his eyes), homeschooling, preparing and feasting on delicious, home-prepared meals that nourish our bodies and hearts, joining friends for a play date at the park (and more coffee for the adults), and winding down with time spent in God’s Word.

To some it may not seem like much, but this is my dream for my family. Health, happiness, prosperity, faithfulness. Fullness. The wild, beautiful life - ups, downs, and all!

Heather Cummings

If you’ve read my biography on the website, you’ll remember that contentment isn’t my strong suit. I struggle greatly with accepting where I am in this moment because I’m constantly thinking about where I want to be. It would be no surprise then to know that I often overlook the significance of where I am today in where I am going to be. There’s a distinct purpose for everything going on in my life right now, and I see so much of that connecting with our vision of the ranch one day.

As far as my family goes, the most specific hope that my husband and I discuss the most these days is getting another puppy (mainly to entertain the dog we already have). Seriously. And that goal alone would require a better paying job, a bigger house, and our own backyard. It’s a daunting goal…

While we are still working on specifics of where we want to live, how we want to educate our kids, etc., my husband and I know this about our family vision: that we want to foster an environment of respect, honesty, perseverance, generosity, and faith. Which starts now, through the example we cultivate now. We long to one day work directly alongside each other in one united, self-sustaining business endeavor, so that both he and I can be home and available to our children, as well as available to pour our time and energy into the ministry of our future ranch.

We want healthy communication, hard work-ethics, and dinners together as a family.

In all honesty, we want a beautiful ranch home, with a large garden, chickens and goats (I’m not exactly sure that he wants them…), and three strong, confident, and respectful children. Although, these days I’m starting to think six would be pretty awesome. Hey honey, I think it’s time we talk about this again…

But for now, we know the Lord has exactly where he wants us in this season of life, and we are content with embracing that!

Your turn...

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