Brace yourselves for the world’s easiest tutorial ever! Seriously. But the end result is AWESOME!

A few weeks ago, my husband made me this coffee mug hanging display and I love everything about it. It’s simple, rustic, elegant, and funky, all at the same time. Because you are beautiful and  you deserve beautiful things in your life, I’m going to walk you through the steps to recreating this household gem for yourselves.

Step 1. Acquire Pallet.

Find a pallet, any pallet. Now do absolutely nothing with it other than dust it off if needed.

Step 2. Buy a pack of hooks.

This is one way that you can customize it to give it a certain look or feel. My husband just used plain brass hooks that screwed into the wood, but you could use anything that suits your fancy. Nails, drawer knobs, thumbtacks (please don’t use thumbtacks), etc.

Step 3. Decide the layout you want to use for your hooks.

My husband went with an offset design for each row, so that we could maximize the number of mugs that would fit on the display. If you want to line them up one on top of the other, you may have to skip a board between rows of hooks.

Step 4. Fasten hooks to board.

All my husband had to do was screw the hooks in since they had a screw end already on them. Depending on what you have chosen for hooks, you may have to drill holes before attaching them to the boards. Do so carefully as you do not want to split the boards on the pallet.

Step 5. Woodburn your own personal message on the top board of the display.

My husband chose to burn “COFFEE” into the top, but the message you want on your display is entirely up to you. You can do a single word, a phrase, a quote, whatever matches it to your own beautiful sense of style!

If you do not have a wood burner, you can obtain one relatively cheaply from your local craft store. Or ask a crafty friend, they will most likely be able to hook you up.

Note: purchasing your own woodburner will open up a whole new array of possibilities for handmade Christmas gifts, so this option should receive due consideration (personalized fire logs anyone?...).

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